SchoOliven App

SchoOliven app provides an interface for sending notifications to the students  of a class as well as directly to a single student. It features one click broadcast to multiple users at a time. This feature is time saving and tech savvy and parents are spared of last minute missed details regarding tests, assignments and other important events.

This feature is a huge bonus for the admins as well as parents.  The timetable can be updated remotely and the parent can set up the school bag accordingly using the app. This app will have the updated changes and will notify in case of any updates. Teachers need not change it in pupil’s diary anymore, with the click of a button the timetable can be updated and parents will be informed as well.


Online attendance is our tech solution to age old sheet method, it saves the time to register and count the attendance manually. Additionally it informs parents in  advance in case their ward can be short of required attendance so that timely preventive actions can be taken.


Here the parents can know about the teacher, her role and interest in the field of education. It provides a personalised interface for the parents to know the class teacher and remain assured that their ward is on good hands.


Raise invoices through the app. Admin simply uploads the invoice for Fee in our portal and the invoices will be reflected in parents phone automatically. This calls for hassle free payment and reminders keeping student’s focused on studies only.


This feature  looks after the children's well being enroute to and from school. We provide the current bus routes as well as drivers location for easy and safe pickup and drop. It helps students to not miss a bus and also preventing long waiting time. So more time studying and less time worrying about travelling.


This section provides the details of Calendar Holidays in the school, and the good thing is, school administration can update the details for the holidays which are recently announced or for which there was a tentative date. The parents will be well informed and updated about when the school is closed.


This is important for students and their parents, no more downloads or searching or preparing the wrong subject. This feature keeps the students informed about the Exam dates and timings and that too easily on the parents phone.


School continuously record and report on academic data across all subjects and choose to make it available to the students and their parents. Empower teachers with longitudinal academic data across all subjects, available in a single view that is being pushed to SchoOliven App for parent’s eyes.


This allows parents to see live feeds from school CCTV cameras as we believe that security of your child is as important as his/her development. In this way school can provide transparency and protection while keeping parents in sync.


See the year as it happens and keep the memories with them. Years spent in primary classes become memories of lifetime and need to be cherished for. Provides a customised way to look back for parents, where they can find the recent activities happening in the school through pictures and videos.


Daily Diary makes parent-teacher communication easy and provides a mobile platform to receive timely diary updates for homework which are not lost in the unwanted event of diary being lost. Further it provides real-time update so that parents are aware of the changes even before their ward reaches home


This is a revolutionary approach to handle parent’s queries by implementing a ChatBot which answers generic questions in real-time there by saving human efforts to support and respond. This self-learning, artificially intelligent bot acts as a virtual assistant and can decrease response time significantly

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