Time based Advertisement Targeting

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We are aware how advertisement companies associate with different brands to target a customer base. Companies pay millions of dollars so that their product gets noticed by the potential buyers. What if there was an alternative way to do it? Yes, it’s in the title of this story!! Time is the key. Let us take an example, if there was some way that these companies knew there was a party at your house, or you need to travel to airport to pick up some one, or you need grocery supplies? OR DO THEY ACTUALLY KNOW?? Yes, they do. In this age of social media and apps residing on our phones there is hardly any event which is not digitally communicated to our friends and family, and here is where data analytics comes in. The marketing expert would provide a person discounts on cab when he is need for travel and Pizza & Movie coupons on weekends, anniversaries to convert plans into programmes. In this era when the competitors are actually burning their cash reserve to gain the slightest edge may find this idea interesting. So when I wake up and get a message that the ride to my office is discounted by 20% I am more likely to take a cab and go to office. Similarly if I have been to malls shopping and there has been no purchase (yeah they can track it by reading your sms) the companies can deliver their offers through their resident apps and no one the wiser. At the end of day we would be trading some privacy for comfort and the results may be a win win situation for the consumer as well as the promoters. Time based advertisements optimized with a person's schedule is the future of profitability and improved user acceptance.Stay tuned to my blog for more insights.

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