Our Mission

Transforming Lives

Using contemporary technologies and agile methodologies, we would like to transform every aspect of life to make things simpler, faster and affordable for the whole society

Our Vision

Tech Excellence

To be recognized as most trusted and respectable organization providing technology excellence that advances development, learning, research and to be best in the industry 

Our Values

Thought Leadership

Creative Thinking, Thought Leadership, Effective Collaboration, Passion for Technology, Accountability, Transparency, Robust Processes, Committed On-time and Quality Deliveries

IT Transformation

For All Businesses

We believe in oppurtunities for all and our products focus on fulfilling the end users needs and make their experience complete.

  • Dedicated IT solutions – We analyze your needs and provide you with a customized solution: fast and reliable.
  • Full IT support – We deliver both remote and on-site support.
  • Proactive IT support services – Our staff has the necessary experience and knowledge to eliminate IT related threats before they become problems.
Leading information  service consultancy

Solving any IT problem

We provide web based solutions to corporate clients, solutions which revolutionize the information service industry. Our solutions provide proper business visibility creating sustainable increase in new business.


School App

Android App for Schools 

School App keeps track of students progress and safety by means of unique features yet to be seen in a single device App. It provides Real Time Push Notifications for last minute changes so that you never miss any activity. One place information stop in Calendar View for all the Events. CCTV monitoring for the safety of your ward. GPS tracking for peace of mind. Current timetable and bus routes, featuring real time updates.

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Beat Rush Hour

Tells you how to beat traffic!

Ever wondered if you shifted your office timings slightly you would reach home from office quicker and spent more time with your loved ones? Do you want to travel when traffic is low so that you can commute smoothly? Look no further, BRH is the perfect answer to your situation. This Android app tells you what is the best time to travel and it does it automatically, time to make AI your frined and beat the traffic blues. 

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OMR Reader

Automatic OMR Marking 

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) Reader loads, evaluates and generates results and answersheets details all in one click, this is a one stop solution for OMR sheets evaluation. Negative marking and numbers can be customised. It reduces OMR generation time by 93% by automating all the process. Document safety is guarenteed as it works offline and does hours job in seconds. Must have for school colleges and educational institutes.

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Solutions For IT Professionals

We automate workflows to convert it into an application saving time,money and effort.

Nationwide IT Support

In this era of globalisation, we provide support through different channels whenever required.

Training and Skill Enhancement

We provide a wide array of opportunities to benefit employees by trainings and workshops to enhance their job performance.


Cost Efficient Management

We believe in value creation and reduction of organizational complexity, excellence and clear defined goals to make optimum value for money solutions.

Enable Mobile Workforce

The increasing prevalence of mobile devices, secured wireless networks, mobile apps and virtual desktops has provided new mobile workforce opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. WE support Mobile workforce as per specialized industry requirements.
What we






App Development

App Development

We are specialized in creating complete app-based solutions 
to specifically fulfill client needs
in a proficient and efficient manner.
web development

web development

We provide complete web-based solutions to specifically fulfill client needs. We also provide SEO for the websites to increase website awareness in search engines.
IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

In this era of globalization, we provide support through different channels whenever required. We are here to provide you technical assistance.
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About Oliventech

Oliventech is a product based company. It specializes in creating complete web and app based solutions to specifically fulfill client needs. It has robust solutions which can be used out of the shelf as well as custom solutions to address specific client needs.